The Legend Of Tim Horton’s & The Java Jacket

Twenty years and a few days ago, a forward-thinking dude named Jay Sorensen invented the Java Jacket – a cardboard sleeve that would slip over a coffee cup to insulate the drinker’s fingers from the heat of the beverage inside without the waste of full-on double cupping. He received a twenty year patent for his invention, and for the last two decades made a tidy sum in royalties from coffee shops throughout North America, as well as a nice lump payout from Starbucks after they (unsurprisingly, for Starbucks) tried to rip him off.

Throughout all of those twenty years, however, Tim Horton’s espoused an unwavering corporate line that said cup sleeves were unnecessary, wasteful, and unwanted by their customers. Only a double cup would do. End of discussion.

A couple of days ago that patent expired. Today Tim Horton’s introduced cup sleeves to their franchises and customers.

Coincidence, I’m sure.

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