Snapchat Says “No” To 3 Billion Dollars

It’s being reported today that Facebook made an offer to buy Snapchat outright for three billion (with a “b”!) dollars. None of this stock or equity tomfoolery, either … this was a straight cash offer.

Incredibly, the Snapchatters said “No thanks” and continued on their merry way. Full marks for chutzpah and believing in yourself … but really? “Second-level” online services need to strike while the iron is hot, because the heat moves on to the next interesting thing pretty quickly, and no one wants to give you three billion (with a “b”!) dollars when you are lukewarm at best.

Remember WhatsApp? Remember Kik? Smartphones are littered with long-untapped icons from services that no one uses anymore. This, sadly, will be a decision to regret.

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