CNET: Your One-Stop Source For Spyware And Crap

Speaking of throwing in the towel and going for a few fast bucks at the expense of credibility … the fine folks at CNET have made a “small” change in the way you download software from their servers. Now when you search for software and get a “Download Now” link, you don’t actually get the software you wanted. What you get is a browser “toolbar” that is a lovely combination of spyware, annoyanceware, and crapware all rolled up into one convenient bundle. Then you can download the legitimate software that you actually wanted, once you have agreed to let CNET abuse your computer and personal information for their financial gain. Note that when the odious Terms of Service package (complete with external sale of your data and privacy to noted privacy invasion specialists “Spigot”) comes up the agreement button is checked by default, in violation of both US and Canadian laws governing such things:

CNET was once the most respected and trusted source for public domain and freely-distributed software. Many people probably still think that is the case … and their trust is going to abused and sold for a few pennies. Pathetic.

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