New York Times – Sad, Desperate, And Laughable

If there are still any lingering doubts about the sad state of desperation and irrelevance that now grips the New York Times, they will be forever put to rest this weekend. The “blockbuster” centerpiece of this upcoming weekend’s New York Times Magazine is an “expose” on the supposedly shameful behaviour of Apple as they trick you into buying consumer devices that don’t (gasp!) last forever. I’m not going to link to the essay … it’s obviously little more than link-bait and the wild flailings of a publication that is desperate for anything that will bring them a few eyeballs and some temporary notoriety. But there is an excellent discussion of the piece on Gizmodo today and it is definitely worth a read, if only for a few laughs and some fresh insight into how far gone the mainstream print media really is.

Next week, the Times will probably take television manufacturers to task for not building HDTV capabilities into the models they built in 1982. Shocking!

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