October 22

As expected, the Apple Store is now offline. That means it’s time for new toys, and that means it’s time for some wild and possibly inaccurate predictions!

What you will see today:

That delicious new Mac Pro. Oh yeah.
OS X Mavericks. We’ve had the golden master for a couple of weeks now, so I’d call for a November 1 release date.
A new (and stupidly fast) iPad in the same colour options as the iPhone 5S
A new iPad mini with a retina display. This will be the straw that breaks the traditional PC’s back.
New iMac models. Just because it’s time.

What you might see today:

New MacBooks. They don’t really need to update these now. I think that spring is a better bet here
The official release of the new (and platform-agnostic) iWork. Which, by the way, is a complete joy to use.
A new 4K cinema display. You’ll need two wallets to buy one, though.

What you won’t see today:

Any sort of goofball television set, wearable interface, or smart watch. And thank the maker for that.

And of course, one crazy-ass out-of-the-blue maybe:

A massive (and much-needed) iCloud makeover and complete functional update. Apple has stumbled badly with their online services – at their core they work, and work well. But for most users actually trying to use iCloud leaves them somewhere between mildly disenchanted and wildly disinterested. It’s getting close to make or break time for iCloud, and the fact that Apple has continually dropped the ball here is shameful. Consumers are starting to realize that the “free” services offered by Google are not free at all, and are becoming leery of freely handing over personal information. Apple’s business model for online services – monetizing a barrier to entry in return for the user’s peace of mind – is a good one. Their execution? In a word, sucky.

It should be a fun day. Grab yourself some snacks, tune into the presentation, and play along at home. New toys are fun!

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