U.S. Government Shutdown: By The Numbers

Many of us are boggling from afar at the spectacle a major first-world government being shut down over the “threat” of said government wanting to treat its citizens like actual human beings – especially when those self-same citizens elected the government to do just that.

For people who live in countries where ideas like “taking care of each other” and “not being selfish buttheads” are the norm rather than some dire communist plot, this is all very confusing. How does a handful of people thwart the will of the majority in a supposed democracy? Better yet, how does that handful successfully take away basic services for hundreds of millions of citizens?

Boggle, boggle.

Fortunately, there is a primer right here. Kudos to Mr. MacDonald for one of the more succinct and unbiased pieces that anyone has written on this mess so far. A definite must read.

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