iOS 7 “Motion Sickness”. Um, Sure.

If you have iOS 7 you have seen the subtle parallax effects that accompany movement of the phone when you are on the home screen or in an opaque menu. They give a pleasing 3D effect (unlike the completely unpleasing 3D you are forced to put up with at the movies these days) and some depth to the screen. However, like anything else, there is the usual collection of whiners and doomsayers who have crawled out of the woodwork and are wailing and complaining that the aforementioned subtle effect is causing vertigo. Or beri-beri Or something.

Um , right.

Of course, it didn’t occur to any of these fenderheads to look in the settings and turn the damn effect off. Or, as is more likely, it did occur to them but then they would lose an opportunity to bitch. So – if you are one of these fenderheads, go to the Settings app and select General – Accessibility – Reduce Motion.

Done and done.

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