The Nutshell

If you happen to be reading/watching/listening to/somehow else perusing the news today, and you see any of the so-called experts dismissing the iPhone 5S as anything but the greatest thing since sliced pizza … you can safely categorize that person as a know-nothing fenderhead and move on. Without a doubt, putting a real 64-bit processor into a pocket computer is the single biggest game changer since the introduction of the original iPhone. Period.

Media drones who have pegged the new phone “boring” or a “disappointment” is the same kind of people who were jonesing for flying cars and edible houses in 1961 … but if you told them about the concept of “email” they would have thought the idea was dumb. These are people crave sparkly-yet-useless things and lack the knowledge to understand actual substance.

Make no mistake. This changes everything.

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