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Apple’s “Apple Store” app has been a bit of a lost soul since it first appeared a couple of years ago. It’s one of those things that people grabbed, looked it, shrugged their shoulders, and forgot about. Most of the information that it offered was stuff you either already knew, and the actual “functions” of the app – no checkout shopping, priority concierge bookings – were far too esoteric to be of any use to most people. As a cornerstone of Apple’s integrated retail ideas, it was a bit of a bust.

Okay, a lot off a bust.

With Apple’s retail channels still in a “reset” mode after the firing of the disastrous John Browett, the company is once again dusting off the app and trying to make it a little more relevant to the average mope. One of the strategies is to get people to actually use the app instead of turning to a web browser to find store and shopping information, and to that end the shiny new Apple Store app now features free daily digital content. The idea is to get people primed for an eventual mindset where the physical stores, the digital store, and the content stores – iTunes, iBooks, the App Store – are just different faces of the same thing.

Will it work? Who knows? But free stuff is fun, so if you don’t already have the app or haven’t updated it, why not enjoy the spoils? Free app, free stuff, and they don’t sell either you or your information. That’s a win.

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