Transportation Shithead Authority

Anyone who is capable of even the smallest bit of independent thought realizes that the Transportation Safety Authority has nothing at all to do with stopping terrorism. It is just the most visible arm of The Great American Boogeyman Machine, the vast employment and infrastructure complex that has arisen to prop up the American economy in the absence of the financial engine that was the Cold War. The TSA is nothing more than the frontman, the organization that helps keep Americans in a state of fear by reminding them that the boogeyman is out there – a state of fear that the U.S. government needs to justify and excuse its ongoing destruction of its own citizens’ freedoms, liberties, and constitutional rights.

It’s “security theatre”, a big slice of arrogant bullying that is designed to keep the people it supposedly protects in line. And even the players in this little stage show know it … instead of taking their “crucial” jobs a Protectors Of Freedom seriously, they spend most of their time stealing, breaking the rules, taking bribes, and sleeping on the job.

The home of the brave, indeed.

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