Hyperloop? Or Hyperhype?

The tech press is all agog this morning with “details” having been leaked about a new ultra-high-speed transit initiative called the “Hyperloop”. Why? I have no idea. Even the most cursory look at the information leaves you scratching your head, not the least of which is the notoriously unreliable and decidedly weak power source. Kudos to Sebastian Anthony for treating this with the skepticism it deserves.

When you get right down to it, it makes no sense at all. But because the promoter is the founder of a floundering tech company that has yet to live up to even a fraction of its potential, people are all over this. I’m all for new tech, but this? Sorry, don’t buy it. I’ll be happy to eat crow on August 12 but something tells me I won’t need to clear a spot on my plate.

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