Google Reader. The Time Is Now.

Are you still using Google Reader? According to the statistics, a lot of people still are … despite the fact that Da Google is going to pull the plug on the service on Monday. And when they say pull the plug, they meant it. There will be no way to access anything – not your history, not your unread items, not even your subscription list. That means that if you haven’t yet switched to a new reader, you have to at least export your subscriptions before then. You can be a bitter end type and wait until the dirt is on the grave before you start looking for a replacement, but unless you have your reading list safely tucked away you will be starting from scratch.

Luckily, this is a generally painless activity. All you have do to is click here. Your subscription list will be saved in a handy XML file that you can import into virtually any other feed reader. So do it today. Because Monday? That’s too late. And once you have it, hang on to it for a while. You might need to use it three or four times until you settle on a replacement you like.

CODA: There are apparently a lot of people who use Google Reader and don’t even know it. A number of mobile reader apps use Google Reader to sync their reading lists across platforms and devices. Even if you use some other reader it is worth logging in to Google and checking if you have a reading list by clicking here. Really.

CODA 2: If you have already changed to a new feed reader, it might be worth grabbing a copy of your subscription list anyway. Most other readers don’t support any sort of export, so if you decide a week from now to try something else, you will want to have your basic feed list to get you up and running.

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