Waterloo: In The Red

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It’s Friday, and time for a very cool thing … a living map of 300 million or so tweets from mobile phones broken down by platform. This is data at its best – all signal, zero noise. There are all sorts of interesting things to be gleaned here – geographic, demographic, financial, political, social, even legal. But the most intriguing thing of all is found in the area just west of the intersection of King and Columbia in Waterloo, Ontario. This is the world headquarters and beating heart of the much-maligned Blackberry (neé Research in Motion) empire, and you would expect it to be a veritable fortress of Blackberry use – a beacon of purple, a shining message of hope and renewed good fortune in a hostile sea of red and green. After all, if your own employees and most ardent supporters aren’t using your platform, what hope do you have?

It says much for the battered fortunes and ever-bleaker future of the one-time technology giant that north Waterloo is very, very red.

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