WWDC 2013 – What To Expect

If you are expecting wow-kapow announcements of new shiny products today, forget it. There has been a continuing – and proper, I think – sundering of the “developer” show away from any sort of “product” events. Will there be big news from Mr. Cook and his assorted cohorts? Of course. Will said news be of any interest to the average mope? Probably not.

What you will hear about today is iOS 7 (a.k.a. Jonny’s Baby) and a fairly massive overhaul of iCloud, one that makes it more transparent and pervasive for users as well as more accessible and secure for developers. These are good things. Other than that? Mostly. I got nothin’. That makes for a pretty shitty read, however, so in the spirit of wild and uninformed web predictions here’s a stab in the dark: A full-fledged developer kit for AppleTV.

How’s that for fun?

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