Ticket To Ride Europe … Free!

I’ve professed my love of the Ticket To Ride board game series time and time again. Great board game, great digital interpretation, great everything. Which means that when said digital interpretation is offered up for free (as in beer) it is news worth repeating. I’ll gladly bear the stigma of being the proverbial broken record if it means that someone who isn’t yet hip to the franchise gets a change to dip their toes in these heady gaming waters.

So – Ticket To Ride Europe for iOS is a free download this weekend. April 26th, 27th, and 28th. Whether you are completely new to the franchise, a fan of the board game and wondering how the iOS version plays, or already steeped in these games and just looking to round out your collection you need to get yourself over the app store and grab it.

All aboard!


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