iOS 6.1 Jailbreak Available Now

Veteran readers will remember the existence of a page on this site that was a step-by-step walkthrough of a long and rather torturous process to jailbreak and subsequently unlock your iPhone. That page is long gone now. Why? Because there is a simple one-step unlocking process now thanks to the mad geniuses over at Evasi0n. Just download the app on your choice of OSX, Linux, or Windows, plug in your phone, follow the “Important! Read me!” steps, and off you go. Done and done.

Of course, at this point the whole jailbreaking exercise is pretty much nothing more than an interesting academic exercise unless you need to unlock your phone. The “official” app ecosystem is so much more robust than the underground stuff that the very few things you can only do via jailbreaking are generally things you don’t really want to do anyway. If you do need to unlock your phone, however, don’t get all excited yet. There is an iOS 6.1 version of Ultrasnow promised for later in the week, but until it actually arrives it’s always best not to count all your puppies in one basket. Or whatever. But if you want to jailbreak now to be ready, then go ahead and fill your boots.

Also, did I mention that you really need to read (and follow!) the “Important! Read me!” steps? Yes? Good.

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