BlackBerry 10 Version 10.0.10 – AVOID

If you are a BB10 developer and you haven’t yet updated your SDK and Alpha devices to the long-promised and vexingly-overdue version 10.0.10 … don’t. There is a rather vicious memory leak somewhere in the routines that broker data between your public stack and the BlackBerry Hub. Unless you desperately need too test your application’s integration with the Hub today (and are ready for a lot of frustration and restarting of your device) you should wait for the next version and stick with the 2318 build of 10.0.9 instead. You lose Hub integration, but gain a whole lot of sanity.

This is why you should never choose to delete old builds from the development environment when you update to the latest SDK. The QDE package may have its limits, but one of the home-run features is the ability to roll back to previous builds with a click. If you have been deleting the old builds as you go, well, consider this lesson learned.

It’s also a “actions speak louder than words” moment for RIM’s BlackBerry’s supposed turn-around in their attitude towards developers. A crucial part of the testing platform that was needed by developers two months ago finally arrives and is broken? After a full fifteen months to get it right? If that is how they treat the “heart of their mobile endeavours” … start planning the funeral now.

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