128GB Devices Referenced In iOS 6.1

How’s that for a to-the-point headline? iOS 6.1 is available for your Apple small-screen and compact-screen devices today, and if you are using the new firmware with your SDK, you will see this interesting addition to the partition keys:

Does it mean that 128GB iPhones, iPads, and iPods are a done deal? No, not at all. But adding the reference structure to this much memory is not a trivial amount of work, and someone at Apple has decided that it was important to invest a serious chunk of development time and effort into this potential capability, so it’s a good bet that Apple is going to raise the bar on tablet and possibly phone storage this spring. A nice card to play in a development season when two desperate former competitors – RIM and Microsoft – will be making high-profile “Sydney or the bush” efforts to claw back into the game.

Stay tuned.

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  1. […] that particular cat didn’t stay in the bag for very long at all. Retina display iPads with 128GB packed in, $799 for WiFi and $999 for WiFi + cellular. […]

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