Rob Enderle Lands On His Feet

A lot of people in the geek community were genuinely saddened to hear that The Enderle Group lost their one (and only) client last year. Rob was one of the most genuinely amusing figures in the tech world – his “studies” were generally comedy gold – and he was handy, too: If you saw an article in the news that quoted a study by “The Enderle Group” you immediately knew that the reporter writing the piece was a know-nothing hack. It’s rare to have such a cut-and-dried metric about anything these days.

So it was unfortunate for all of us when Microsoft terminated their contract with the Rob and his phantom group. Would we never again see quotes from some breathless study exploring the awesomeness of a company that just happened to be his client? Or better yet, a hand-wringing condemnation of a company or product that just happened to be a major competitor to his client?

Of course not. Guys like Rob are amazingly resilient. So it was not a huge surprise when The Enderle Group picked up a shiny new client in Research In Motion and wasted no time in getting to work.

Welcome back, Rob … we missed you.


  1. A is for Apple says:

    I just read the RIM shilling, er, endorsement, er article and can’t believe any self respecting site would have any of his work posted.

    My stomach hurts from laughing so much and I’m still incredulous…

    • geekboy says:

      It’s probably worth pointing out that writers pay CIO Magazine to appear in their august pages, not vice versa. There isn’t a lot of self-respect in the boardroom equivalent of an infomercial …

  2. A is for Apple says:

    Okay so this all makes sense now. I thought they actually paid dude love for his drivel.

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