Ticket To Ride For $1.99

I have blathered in the past about my love for both board games and the awesomeness of the Ticket To Ride franchise on iOS. So I am pretty much obligated to tell you that the iPad version of Ticket To Ride is on sale today in the app store for a measly $1.99. That’s right, less than 2 bucks for an downright amazing implementation of one of the best board games on the planet. Get it.


  1. […] professed my love of the Ticket To Ride board game series time and time again. Great board game, great digital interpretation, great everything. Which means that […]

  2. […] I’ve written about Ticket To Ride before. Possibly more than I should, but what the hell … it’s one of the best board games ever created, period. And right now you can get the desktop edition of the online game for less than half price, so it’s definitely worth writing about again. […]

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