Ping, We Hardly Knew Ye.

Quietly and without announcement or fanfare, Apple has pulled the plug on Ping. It never really worked, I think mostly due to the music companies’ refusal to allow listens from other people’s playlists. Inane, I know. Most rational people – including the folks that dreamed up Ping – realize that if I hear a song that is not in my library and I like it (mostly because it came from a playlist of someone who thinks like me) there is a very good chance I might buy it. But to the mandarins of the music biz, even hearing a song without owning it was stealing. My god, they want to steal more music!

So yeah, end of the line. The vast majority of people will never miss it. It was a good idea that was crippled from the word go, and in retrospect I’m sort of surprised it lasted this long. Kudos on knowing when to throw in the towel, though … few things are more embarrassing than a sad and dead so-called social product.

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