Hero Academy Redux – Enter The Dwarves

The fine folks at Robot Entertainment have released another excellent update to the already-excellent Hero Academy. They have added a third team – the gadget-loving Dwarves – to the roster and they have done some rebalancing of the existing teams to keep the gameplay both interesting and fair. Adding a new team is great … but taking the time to manage and tweak the existing content is definitely going the extra mile. This is not something that purveyors of free games usually do. Full-scale props to the gang at Robot for decidedly exemplary behaviour.

They have also ginned up an excellent how-to-play and strategy guide, and have added a full slate of GameCentre achievements including the awesome (but only if you have seen this comic) “Three Minutes” entry.

If you haven’t grabbed this game yet and you have any interest at all in turn-based online player .vs. player strategy gaming, get it now. It’s free – free to download, free to try, and free to play if you are content with the starting team. But now that the “Dark Elves” expansion is on sale for a measly ninety-nine cents (sorry, Lifehacker users, I know that is way to expensive for you) there is no reason not to grab at least one expansion – for less than a buck you get a top-quality game with endless replay value, double the base functionality with the addition of the Elves, and no ads or distractions.

You could do a lot worse for a buck.

Get the game, get the Dark Elves, and then get online and start playing. I’ll be out there waiting …

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