Blackberry Soup

I wasn’t going to post a link to this. Really. I was going to let it slide, figuring these mopes had embarrassed themselves enough. Two, three, four … eventually, seven people sent me this link yesterday. And still, I resisted. Took the high road, as it were.

That all changed an hour ago when the exact same thing showed up on my Blackberry as unsolicited mail. Fucking spam. I do not recall anywhere in my EULA there being a clause that allowed the vendor to pollute my inbox with a Statement of Martyrdom and Divine Redemption. Just to be sure I went back and checked the agreement again. No dice.

So, here it is, in all it’s hand-wringing glory. I especially like the bits about the problems with the patent system – as if offering legal protection for an inventor’s work was somehow wrong, but using political influence to have technically valid patents overturned was a rousing victory for Truth, Justice, and the Blackberry way. I’m sure that Jim “The Groper” Balsillie is out getting the stars and stripes tattooed on his ass even as we speak.

NOTE: Be warned that you should not read the contents of the link above if you are either (a) drinking milk, or (b) have recently eaten. In the former case, your milk may all shoot out of your nose. In the latter, well, you might very well puke.

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