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I have a confession to make. When I get obvious scam emails claiming to be from banks, PayPal, credit card companies, or whoever … I don’t delete them. Nope – I save them and when I get a nice handful I’ll take a few minutes on a Sunday morning, maybe with a second cup of coffee, and fill them all out. Not with my own information, of course, I fill them out with made up shit. I figure that it’s much more annoying to these lowlife fuckers if I make them think they actually made a score and end up wasting their time trying to use bogus information.

The problem with this strategy has been credit card numbers. You can fill out the “your bank account is locked unless we get your updated information” ones just by pulling information off the top of your head (Brian Mulroney, 251 Airbus Lane, Ottawa, Account # 2342538754) but the new crop of credit card scams are sophisticated enough to do checksums on the credit card number and expiry date. So what can you do if you still want to jerk these assholes’ chains, but don’t want to use your own credit card number?

You use the Fake Name Generator, that’s what you do. It will gin up an identity including a credit card number and expiry date that matches all of the checksums (including area of residence) without actually being valid. You can save the information if you get an identity you like and use it over and over, or you can just generate a new avatar every time.

Then just sit back with the last sips of that coffee, close your eyes, and imagine your friendly neighbourhood Nigerian scammer pulling his hair out while he tires to figure out why the number won’t work. It’s better than yoga.

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  1. Alex says:

    Hi, I am Alex from india. Trying to step into the amazing world of hacking. Do you have any suggestions for me to become a expert hacker.

    I hope you reply to me soon.


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