Geekback – Halftone 1.7

Halftone lovers rejoice – the camera bug that showed up in version 1.7 has been fixed, and the shiny new version 1.7.1 is in the app store and ready for your downloading joy. Now you can enjoy the addition of the Aviary editing tools (rotation, crop, colour and saturation adjustments, brightness, even sharpening) and still use the camera from within the app.

And a super added just-in-time-for-Christmas bonus: A santa hat has been added to the selection of stamps, much to the chagrin of pets, babies, and grumpy old people everywhere. Sweet.

Oh. If for some odd reason you don’t already have halftone, get it. It’s fun, it’s a measly 99 cents, it’s a full iPhone/iPad hybrid so you get full-screen editing goodness, and the gang at Juicy Bits is pretty awesome. That’s win-win-win-win right there.

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