Halftone 1.7 Is Broken

I’ve pimped Halftone on these pages before, and with good reason: Halftone is awesome and one of the sweetest apps you can get for under a buck. Well, usually. The shiny new version 1.7 that hit the app store today is broken. There is a bug in the code that lets you do everything except use the camera from within the app. You can still take a pic with the native camera function and then select it from the library when you start Halftone, but it’s probably easier to just sit tight on your existing version and wait for the 1.7.1 fix (it’s already been submitted to Apple) to make an appearance in a couple of days.

Kudos to the gang at JuicyBits for being up-front about the issue and getting a fix out the door with due haste.

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