Another Playbook Price Drop – Is RIM Ready To Bail?

Earlier today I tweeted that Canadian retailers have quietly dropped the price of all Playbook models by 300 dollars. Every retailer doing it on the same day means the decision is coming from the supplier, not the retailer. The folks at RIM have now pushed the Playbook into Touchpad territory: Selling at less than cost to simply get rid of unwanted stock. They may be sitting on as many as 800000 of the things themselves, with up to a million more units languishing untouched at the retail level. Is RIM following HP and throwing in the towel on tablets? And what does this do to their already-nebulous schedule to get out the update to allow for “secondary” functions like email or a calendar?

Screen Shot 2011-11-18 At 5.47.41 Pm

A better question might be this: Will people actually buy at that price? HP burned through their stock in a hurry at 99 bucks – if people don’t grab deep-discount Playbooks with the same enthusiasm this could be the final death knell for the much-unloved tablet.

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