Halftone Update

The incredible pace of adoption for iOS5 means that developers are racing ahead to use the new tools and backside functions in their apps as quickly as possible. Case in point: Halftone, which was already awesome and fun, just got a massive overhaul. Everything from face detection to full vector overlays to the full spread of included font families is included in the update. If you don’t already have Halftone and you do any sort of photography at all with your phone, you really need to spend the 99 cents and get on board. Halftone is, in a word, brilliant.

On the other side of the coin, this once again shines the hard light of reality on the whole “open” model of Android. Android users are mostly left in the cold for updates – the vast majority of android devices sold come with out-of-date operating systems that can never be updated – and developers are hesitant and/or completely unwilling to update apps to take advantage of new features and functions. It’s sad, because Android is a really great idea, but as long as it is “open” the handset makers and service providers will keep their customers locked in little boxes of obsolete software.

NOTE TO LIFEHACKER READERS: Yes, I know that you think that 99 cents for professional software is “pretty expensive”. Maybe you can save the buck and steal crayons from the hostess station at Appleby’s and colour on the screen yourself or something.

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