The YouTube Insult Generator

Are you hard up for arresting comebacks? Quick and vaguely non-sequitorous witticisms to shut up the annoying people around you? Then you, my friend, need the YouTube Insult Generator. Keep the web page up on your screen (or cut it into a widget) and when someone say something inane in your presence you can type a keyword from their mindless blather into the engine and burn them with one of the (hopefully related) semi-literate things that people have said in the great cesspit of hate known as comments on YouTube.

I especially like the comments you get if you type in “bacon”.

BTW: A very cool idea would be a script or process that uses this to generate a signature on every email message, based on a keyword in the subject line. Or just a random word somewhere in the body of the message. Anyone wants to get on that, you can have the idea for free. Get coding.

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