Geekback – iPhone “5”

A couple of people pointed out that two of the big “disappointments” for the tech press – the lack of a new shape and the lack of a new screenare not disappointing at all for the market that the iPhone 4S is actually aimed at: Specifically, current users of the iPhone 3G, 3GS, and assorted touch-screen Blackberries. For that particular group, this marks a huge upgrade in both screen quality and usefulness of shape – above and beyond all the other amazing new stuff that will be blowing their collective minds.

Apple assumes that having spent good money on a high-quality device, you want to keep it for more than 12 months. New models aren’t aimed at last year’s buyers. But the wankers in the tech media always have the latest and greatest, with new toys flying at them every couple of weeks, so they have no way (or desire, apparently) to evaluate hardware like any sort of a normal person.

I really should have seen that myself. Thanks guys.

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