How To Spot An Idiot – Episode 143

Lets not mince words: This is the stupidest thing that I have read this year. And that includes Rick Perry talking about climate change and everything that comes out of Tim Hudak’s mouth.

I’ll say it in mostly small words so fenderheads like Stephen Wanker can (maybe) understand it: Cool shit like this only works if both the software and hardware are awesome. Period. Idiots like this think that you can just plug the program into any ol’ piece of silicon and glass and it will work. And to be fair, it might “work” if you define “work” as “it kind of runs and does some things but only of you dick around with it and don’t expect much”. Which is exactly the kind of mindset that doesn’t lead to brilliant new products that leave everyone else deperately copying you, gain you millions and millions of delighted customers, and get you over 65% of the profit in the entire mobile phone industry.

It does, however, explain why so many people were willing to put up with Windows in days of yore, and are willing to put up with Android now. For a lot of people “kind of does some things” is good enough.

The only way to get that elusive “magical” user experience of a product that works thoughtlessly and seamlessly and reliably is to completely manage both the software and the hardware, and to curate them as a single entity. As soon as you start to develop for a pool of devices or some hardware standard that you do not control, you necessarily have to use the lowest common denominator as your baseline. That is why Android always comes across as a disappiontment, no matter how delicious your hardware: When the operating system is mostly going to run on this, its going to come up lacking.

Putting Siri on someone else’s hardware means compromises. And then it’s not really Siri anymore. No one is going to wax poetic about Siri Jr. Or Siri Light. Or Siri “It Does Cool Things On Better Phones” edition.

What guys like Wanker – and virtually every one of these “Wall Street” types – don’t get is that Apple has never wanted to sell the most computers / phones / tablets / whatever. They want to sell the best computers / phones / tablets / whatever. Market share doesn’t matter. Being awesome does.

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  1. Heather says:

    For some people “kind of does some things if you dick around with it” is the best they can afford. Not everyone has 500 bucks to lay down on the newest & best technology – even though they’d like to. So I get what the Wanker is saying in that article. If Apple were to release a version of it’s latest & greatest software for lower quality phones – they’d likely make even more money. But that’s not Apple’s style. They are snots about. So be it. I do not agree that it will be Apple’s “downfall” as he does – but I do feel that they may limit themselves a bit. Clearly they don’t care though. But there are enough rich people with nothing better to spend money on that are willing to pay their outrageous prices to keep them in business. As for the rest of the world – they’ll keep filling Droid’s pockets.

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