Geekback – Facebook’s Evolution Of Evil

A couple of days ago I linked to an excellent timeline that showed the ongoing erosion of user rights on Facebook. It was a succinct and frank look into how selling your private information for profit is the raison d’être for Zuckerberg’s little creation*.

A couple of interesting follow-ups are out there this morning. One is a super awesome look at the actual “process” of trying to manage your privacy on Facebook (nutshell: 150 poorly documented options spread out amount 70 different buttons that you have to hunt down). The other is a venom-filled and wickedly entertaining look at Zuckerberg and his evil, evil domain. Easily the best article ever written about Facebook. Period.

*NOTE: I felt I had to qualify the description of Facebook as Zuckerberg’s “creation” because there are large and towering schools of thought regarding his having stolen the thing from his early partners who actually did create it.

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