Facebook’s Evolution Of Evil

Whenever someone mentions Facebook to me I don’t know whether to look at them with scorn or pity.

Okay, scratch that, I do.

Pity would be the response if I was just judging them on the fact that they are dim enough to willfully connect their computers to the world’s largest source of malware and system corruption. But scorn – outright scorn with a side helping of venomous disdain – is the correct response to people who willfully accede to the most reprehensible user agreement since … well, ever. Of course, feeble-minded people such as this probably don’t even read the agreement. They are happy enough to click on the “I agree, fuck me over” button every time there is a change, blithely giving away more and more of their personal data so that Goat Boy (yeah, I’m looking at you, Zuckerberg) can pad his pockets with a few more grillion bucks.

If you actually have more that a couple of functioning brain cells and you sit down and look at the evolution of the so-called privacy agreement over time, you realize just how distasteful this whole enterprise is. In fact, it blew right past “distasteful” and settled in at “downright evil” somewhere around the end of 2009.

The scariest part is how clear the language is. There is no legal mumbo-jumbo here – they let you know in plain english that they are going to bend you over and drive you nice and hard.

For profit.

And none of their users seem to mind.

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