Geekback – Snow Leopard

So I posted my original assessment of Snow Leopard prematurely. See, for the first 48 hours or so with the retail release I pretty much worked exclusively in the terminal and with BBEdit (the best text editor for coders, ever). But when I finally tore myself away from text from that and surfed a bit of web and settled in for a nice couple of hours of Warcraft I found myself rubbing my eyes and blinking and wondering if my display was going on the fritz. The colours of virtually everything on screen were completely ass.

After a couple of more minutes of squinting and what-the-fuck-ing, I realized that I have seen colours exactly like this shade of crap before. In fact, I see them pretty much every time I sit down at a windoze machine. Sure enough, it turns out that the gamma for pretty much every display in Snow Leopard has been defaulted to 2.2 instead of the correct 1.8. Why? I have no fucking idea. But if you value your retinas at all – or you just care about colour quality – then please note my revised review of Snow Leopard:

Best. Update. Ever. But be sure to open System Preferences – Displays – Colour – Calibrate and set the target gamma back to where it is supposed to be.

Unless, you know, you enjoy peering at rampant hideousness.

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