After being featured – which, I am told, is a huge feather in the cap for any developer – the guys who did the fabulous Classics application have lowered the price to 99 cents as a little bit of a celebration and thank you. If you haven’t seen this application yet you are really missing out. It currently features 20 works of western literature that range from the beloved (The Hound Of The Baskervilles) to the semi-obscure (Flatland) but all of which have two things in common: One, they are now in the public domain, and two, they are universally excellent.

For me this set was a no-brainer – so many of the heroes of my youth are here, in books that were my best friends and welcome escapes in my pre-teen years. Arronax and Nemo, Square and Sphere, Jim Hawkins and Long John Silver, the Eloi and the Morlocks, Watson and Holmes, and the indomitable Ned Land … the whole gang is assembled, in your pocket and ready for a few moments – or a few hours – of entertainment whenever you have the urge.

There are two really remarkable things about this exercise that make it work anyone’s while, not just a fanboy like me. The interface is brilliant – simple, easy, and incredibly workable, this is the interface that the Kindle people should have used. It’s elegant and pretty much perfect and belies the fact that the creators are just some spare-time joes. And the content is ever-expanding … once you purchase Classics, you get additional titles as free updates as they are added to the roster.

Buy it. Now.

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