Geekback – Election Time Again

For those that asked, here are the questions that I will be sending to my local candidates once the rosters are locked in on Monday:

Reducing carbon emissions – and their attendant effect on the environment – is clearly the number one issue facing every single person on this planet. What concrete and workable ideas do you personally have to make a deep and permanent cut in carbon emissions and fossil fuel usage both in Canada and across the globe?

How can we permanently free the Afghani people from the threat and oppression of the Taliban and give them a workable and secure domestic government?

What is your position on net neutrality?

How do you propose that Canada maintains both political and environmental sovereignty in the Arctic?

Why are tax-paying and law-abiding homeowners forced to live in fear – and in some cases forced from their legally-deeded property – by people who seem to think they are above the law in Caledonia and Brantford?

I am especially interested in the answer to number 5 from my Conservative candidate – Stephen “Dead Eyes” Harper goes on and on about refusing to be soft on crime, but his party has been in power during this time and has done nothing to stop these violent thugs that blatantly operate outside the law. Should be interesting to watch the dance on this one.

Stay tuned.

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