Election Time Again

Here we go – the shoe has fallen and despite his promises to the contrary, Stephen Harper has called a general election. And, as in elections past, I am basing my vote almost entirely on the answers from my local candidates when I send them questions about the issues that are important to me.

The key term there, of course, is almost entirely. Unlike years past, I am adopting a more codified system of scoring the responses to my questions and the people that send them. I am going to send each of my candidates five questions, and then total up the ratings as follows:

The answer to each of the five questions will be scored out of 15

Each candidate’s party leader will be rated out of 10

The quality of the party’s web site will be rated out of 5

Any candidate who is not on Facebook gets 5 points

You may notice that the total adds up to 95 points. The last 5 points will be allocated based on vague and nebulous criteria like whether or not they have a direct email address instead of some generic campaign drop box, what their degree is in if they happen to have one, whether or not I care for their haircut, or anything else that comes to mind as I research my vote.

I have an idea of the questions I am going to ask, but haven’t fleshed them out yet. Certainly reducing carbon emissions will be top of the list. The rest I will have fleshed out when the 22nd comes along, and the roster of candidates in my riding is finalized. Stay tuned for all the carnage.

And remember – no matter where you are or who your candidates are … VOTE.

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