Geekback – Using PCF Files With The iPhone

After the previous discussion about using PCF files and the contents therein to set up your Cisco VPN on the iPhone, someone posted a comment asking “how you gonna access your ms share?”

Talk about missing the point – the idea is that you can work within your network as if you were right there: Manage servers, manage your network, hit workstations and other data points regardless of where you are. This is know in the IT biz as “getting shit done”. Whether or not you can hit some file share somewhere is immaterial, since that is not the definition of “getting shit done”. We are talking about doing work here, not getting some lame spreadsheet file off of some ghetto file server.

However, if you are in a situation where your company is so lo-tech and backwards that they do depend of Windows-based servers for mission critical data, then you could just SSH into the thing from your phone like you would any other unix-fired machine. That is, of course, provided that terms like “unix” and “SSH” are not beyond you, which is a distinct possibility if you are in fact a Windows user.

Just saying.

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  1. Eric says:

    This is a great iPhone tips discovery I found. It worked for about a week or so until now. So I am wondering if anyone else has experienced the same…upon turning on VPN, the screen prompted me to enter my work password, and as soon as I clicked OK, VPN turned itself off even though a screen came up indicating I was in our network/server. The VPN just simply switched from ON to OFF. Just to make sure I have the correct password, I have no problem access VPN using a different client likes a WM5 device, but iPhone just does not work anymore now. Does anyone has any idea to share to stop the VPN from turning itself off after I have entered by work password? Many thanks in advance!

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