Jonesing for a Friday morning time-waster that might actually have a redeeming value or two? Why not give TypeRacer a shot? It is a twist on the old “water race” games you see at the carnival … instead of shooting a stream of water into a clown’s mouth to propel your little car/horse/snail/Spongebob/whatever, you type. The faster and the more accurately you, the faster your car goes. Just the thing for all you blogger types who now have mad keyboard skillz after years of bashing out your deathless prose.

Hot tip: You have to go back and fix a typo immediately – the instructions aren’t overly clear on it, but if the typing box turns red you must go back and the misspelled word now, you cant let even the smallest typo slip. Any typing you do while the box is red is just a waste of finger energy.

And no, for you smartasses, the game would not be better called TypoRacer when I am playing. Hmph.

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  1. The says:

    My fingers hurt from that game, ouchee!!

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