Rock Band Roundup

The idea of entire albums being added to the Rock Band catalogue gets closer and closer – today owners of Harmonix’ sublime music game will have noticed that about half of Boston’s debut album hit the download list, for 2 bucks a track or a sawbuck for the whole package:

Hitch a Ride
More Than a Feeling
Peace of Mind
Rock & Roll Band
Something About You

If you played the original versions of Guitar Hero, you know that “More Than A Feeling” was a wickedly good time, so this would seem to be a no brainer download. Anything that smacks of cock-rock is usually worth the time and effort in this particular gaming genre.

Also, the Wii version of Rock Band is now 100% official. It releases on June 22 in both Canada and the United States, and the main product will be the standard “game, drums, microphone, and guitar” bundle. Guitar Hero controllers for the Wii will also work with the game, and (praise be!) all of the instruments will be available separately on launch day. No word yet on whether or not downloadable songs will be available*, but there will be 5 bonus songs included in the original package.

This has got license to print money written all over it. It may surprise you to know that the Wii version of Guitar Hero 3 outsells all other platforms, including the ubiquitous Playstation 2, but the people at Harmonix are well aware of this and ordering larger wallets even as we speak.

*Given the fact that there are extra songs already included, I would say that the immediate answer would be “No” to the question of downloadable content – the Wii’s built-in storage just isn’t large enough. However, the downloads are a huge money factory for Harmonix, so that will probably not be the situation for all time. As soon as the Nintendo adds the ability to address an external hard drive, you can bet that the download store will be open for business.

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