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Back in the day – and I am probably dating myself here – there was a genre of adventure game known as “point and click”. The folks at Sierra were the undisputed kings of this particular market, with titles ranging in content from the traditional to gritty, passing through wacky and the generally tasteless on the way. The games were a lot of fun, but were eventually superseded by richer and deeper products – games with character growth, better narrative, open-ended gameplay and (eventually) on-line play and evolving content.

The somewhat simple narrative and linear storylines – not to mention the distressingly lame graphics – did not age well, and the genre as for the most part faded away, although there are certain people who work tirelessly to keep the flame flickering.

Anyway – while the entire adventure game industry has moved on to bigger and better things, some brave souls over at Capcom thought that the Wii and it’s tactile control system would be a natural fit for this sort of thing. And after some messing about they came up with Zack & Wiki, which is an utterly delightful little exercise in welding traditional adventure gameplay with the waving and thrusting of the Wiimote. The game is a ton of fun, but has sadly remained pretty much entirely under the radar. The game is in the stores, but the chances are very high that you have never ever heard of it.

So, in the spirit of public service and of wasting a good 30 minutes of your work day, I feel obligated to point out this on-line demo level of Zack & Wiki. It uses the mouse instead of the Wiimote, but the general concept is the same: click on the various items that highlight when you mouse over them and figure out the order you need to use/trigger/manipulate them to get to the treasure. When you get to the page, click on the “Gameplay” tab to get to the demo level.

Go try it. Consider it your Wednesday diversion. And if you have a Wii, you really need to think about picking this one up.

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