Halloween 2007

For those that asked, here are a few snaps from this year’s Halloween decorations. I didn’t get as many as I wanted because it was crazy windy and I was kind of busy keeping everything in place.

This year I lighted the path up to the house with glowing skulls – I think it worked out well:

skull path

And I am really happy with the lighting effects I had at the end of the drive – this was the first thing the kids saw as they started to approach the house:

skeleton in the garden

I had a lot of pumpkins again this year:

Lots of pumpkins

There were some interesting details to be found in the pumpkin patch as you got close to the house:

Skeletons in the pumpkin patch

And I put in some outdoor UV emitters right by the house, which meant that the pumpkin patch got even more interesting when you got right up to the candy:

Glowing bones in a dark alcove

I also shot some raw video, I may post it later. For now, this should at least sate your curiosity. Enjoy.

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