My pal King Turd – who is a helluva guy in most other respects – can’t follow instructions to save his life and managed to brick his iPhone. In a nutshell, he botched the unlocking process and then when he went to restore it to start over from scratch he accidentally let it restore from the Apple servers (evil boxes of silicon packing their lethal load of version 1.1.1) instead of a local copy of the older 1.0.2 firmware. And – just like Apple warned us – updating an unlocked phone to 1.1.1 made it go boom.

However, as smart as the Apple guys are, they aren’t omniscient. Last night I unbricked the phone and put it back into full and unlocked working order – the trick is that a “restore” from iTunes does not re-flash the baseband code, you have to find a way to do that on your own. You can do it, however, meaning that any bricked phone can be brought back to life. Full instructions to be posted this weekend.

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