Rogers .VS. The iPhone

It’s really too bad that Rogers is refusing to sell the iPhone in Canada until Apple cripples it by removing the WiFi functions. The iPhone really is the best possible phone for any Rogers user – when a call is dropped or fails due to the legendary unreliability of the Rogers wireless network (something that happens at least half of the time, maybe more) the iPhone does two thoughtful things: One, it suppresses the insanely annoying “triple tone of death” that signals a wireless failure. Two, it immediately places a huge green “Try Again” button on the screen to make the reconnection process marginally less painful.

Just imagine the awesome marketing possibilities here. “We know our wireless network sucks ass, but this phone makes it slightly less sucky.” Or, “The iPhone from Rogers – get one and you might not hate our guts as much.”

These guys are totally missing the boat.

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