Unlock Your iPhone – Updates

I have made a few changes to the “Unlock Your iPhone” page, so they are probably worth mentioning here. To wit:

One – I have gone back to using the INdependence to put SSH on the phone. A lot of people are reporting that (like iFuntastic) AppTapp is now putting their phones into an endless reboot. At this point I am recommending that you not use AppTapp, no matter how cool it sounds.

Two – Because of this, I have now included a copy of minicom in the set of files (it was installed by AppTapp as part of the “community items”) and modified the instructions to include copying minicom with SFTP and setting the security so you can run it. Also, i stuck the directory creation for usr/local/etc into the SFTP instructions – it is much easier to do there.

Three – Some people were having a problem with minicom trying to load an xterm-color profile when they first executed it. I have written a profile to deal with this and added it to the termcap file in the archive – if you were one of those people, get the new files and try again.

Four – People were losing their SSH sessions due to the iPhone locking down after the factory timeout kicked in – I have specifically mentioned changing this in the instructions now

Five – Apparently, it was not obvious that you need to leave your phone out of jail until you are actually done working with it, so I have been a little more specific there.

Have fun!

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