Leopard Quick Hit

Apple seeded yet another new build of Leopard to developers this weekend, and – while it is not yet labeled as a “release candidate” – it is pretty damn close to what we will be getting when the thing hits the stores this fall. After two days of playing with it I can tell you that pretty much everything that is new in this release is cosmetic in nature (with one big exception, which we will get to momentarily). To wit:

The “3D dock” now has even more “depth” due to a new “zebra crossing” style separator

Finder windows can now show the path to any highlighted icon as a permanent feature

The menu bar icons now match the menu bar itself (whew!)

The “System Preferences” icon now just coincidentally happens to look like the one on the iPhone

You might be saying “big deal” at this point, and I would mostly agree (although i do have to admit that the menu bar thing was really bugging me). But the real gift in this build is that Talk Google support is once again built in to iChat. A lot of people wondered why the fancy new iChat that they gave us at WWDC didn’t have Talk Google support, and there were some serious grumblings about it. Crisis averted.

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