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Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

When John Lennon and Paul McCartney first penned “She Loves You” McCartney’s father complained about the lyrics … specifically the “yeah, yeah, yeah” tagline. He thought it sounded too “American” and asked why they couldn’t sing “yes, yes, yes” like properly educated Brits instead.

History, baby.

What Does The Fox Say?

This is quite possibly both the greatest and the most fucked-up music video of all time. It starts out like a sort of a musical version of the old See-And-Say kids’ toy, but then it goes, um, somewhere. There are no words that can describe this thing. Really. Just watch it.

The Fox - Music Video

What Does The Fox Say?

The best part is that whenever you think “Okay, this is as fucked as it can possibly get” … it gets worse.

Green Is The Colour – Again

It’s Grey Cup day, time once again to settle in and watch what is inarguably (unless you are some sort of fenderhead or feeblemind – for example, I have heard Leafs fans and other mental defectives dispute this) the single championship event in all of professional sports. In fact, on a year to year basis the only thing that can make the Grey Cup better is to have the Roughriders as one of the teams.

Well, whaddya know.

So, in honour of the Cup (which is getting awfully close to its 100th go-around) and in honour of the organization that is truly “Canada’s Team” take a moment to listen to the coolest football fight song ever and get ready for one of the greatest traditions this country has to offer.

Green is the colour, baby.

Awesome Yet Underrated Song Of The Week

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away …

Er, wait. Wrong post.

Ahem. Some time ago I mentioned that reruns of the “original” Josie And The Pussycats were one of the touchstones of my childhood. Oddly enough, despite my deep and abiding love for all things Pussycat, I never really realized at the time just how cool the music actually was. While their corporate cousins The Archies were saddled with more-or-less vapid bubblegum pop (thank you, Andy Kim) the Pussycats were hitched up to some surprisingly mature R&B, a sound that was a tasty mix of Muscle Shoals vocal stylings and classic Motown sound structure.

Sadly, the chances of finding any of these recordings now are pretty much zero. You would think that someone would preserve or offer them somewhere, if only just for the novelty value of Cheryl Ladd as Melody (consider that your useless fact of the day, right there), but this is not the case. These songs have become the audio equivalent of abandonware, with copyrights held by some unknown party and the songs themselves shut off from the light – and the ears – of day.

And so, with a bit of a rebellious spirit and probably some fairly dicey legal standing I am going to do something that I pretty much never ever do here – host and offer a copyrighted work for your listening and downloading pleasure. Every Beat Of My Heart was the Pussycats’ first single, and remains my favourite song. Sorry about the sound quality, but sometimes you have to take whatever crumbs you can get.

And if anyone can come up with a copy of Stop, Look, and Listen, I’ll happily host that too. There are some times when you just have to stand up and stick it to The Man.

Awesome Yet Underrated Song Of The Week

Take It Off by The Donnas. If you followed the link to the “Josie & The Pussycats” video from last week’s entry, you will have noticed that the girls are obviously channelling The Donnas there. No complaints from this department – I have long thought that The Donnas are beyond awesome. And really, it doesn’t get any more awesome than Take It Off. Enjoy.

NOTE: The Donna’s link is an iTunes URL – if you don’t have iTunes on your box, you are going nowhere fast. So get with the program.

Awesome Yet Underrated Song Of The Week

Three Small Words by Josie & The Pussycats. When I was a wee child I worshipped Josie & The Pussycats. I thought they were the pinnacle of cool – Josie was hot, Val was hot and smart, and Melody was … well, blonde. While other pre-teen boys were debating the relative merits of Betty and Veronica, I was jonesing for the Pussycats. Sabrina too, but that is a topic for a different post. So I reserved myself more than a small amount of trepidation when the news came out that they were making a live-action movie a few years ago – a boy does not want his childhood fantasies fucked with.

Luckily, the movie turned out to be pretty good. And the music rocked large – I was seriously worried about them cranking out some Britney-esque vomit, but someone with some actual vision and taste kept the thing on a worthwhile aural path. They only thing that they could have done to make it better was to get in a version of Every Beat Of My Heart … it was the signature tune for the original group, and which – like a lot of Motown-style R&B – would have been awesome in a punk-pop reissue. That’s a small quibble though – for the most part this thing is musically bang on, and Three Small Words certainly stands as a signature piece.

CODA 1: Sadly, you can’t easily buy this in any sort of downloadable format, because Sony Music is apparently run by assholes. If you decide to strike out on your own and download it for free, make sure you find the version that is 2:53 long – that is the real album version, and not the “promo” mix from the video above. You get to avoid the movie dialogue dub-ins and the Casey Kasem wannabe at the end there.

CODA 2: Sometimes you see this with “Letters To Cleo” as the artist. This is not entirely (or even mostly) accurate – while Kay Hanley did do the vocals here, the rest of the band is not involved in this project, something that should be immediately apparent by the obvious stylistic differences. Some people are musical feebs, however, and can’t seem figure this out.

Awesome Yet Underrated Song Of The Week

Human Cannonball by Webb Wilder. I have always been a huge Webb Wilder fan – which, sadly, makes me one of the chosen few. Webb rocks a little too hard for the country types, but has too much twang for the rockers to be comfy with. It’s too bad – this is really good stuff, especially in the car on a wide open road. Human Cannonball is more of less the pinnacle of this body or work – three parts southern rock, one part college alternative, and a big ol’ pinch of drive-in camp. Open your mind and give it a try. Trust me.

Awesome Yet Underrated Song Of The Week

The Littlest Birds by The Be Good Tanyas. It’s sweet and raw and pretty and gutsy and fragile all at once. Kind of like a first kiss. Or a first break-up. Just listen – you’ll figure out what I mean. I hope.

Awesome Yet Underrated Song Of The Week

Government Cheese by The Rainmakers. There probably aren’t many people who remember the bizarre offshoot of Reaganomics that inspired the title of this song … hell, there probably aren’t that many people who remember Reaganomics, period. Time flies, I guess. But the point of this song remains as sharp today as it did in the 80s. Just peek in the door of your local bingo hall to see what I mean.

And yeah, this was actually the Awesome Yet Underrated Song Of Last Week. I just didn’t have time to post it.

Awesome Yet Underrated Song Of The Week

Get Over You by The Undertones. Way back in the day, this was the song that made me want to be in a band. Everything that was good and righteous about punk rock and pop music is wrapped up in one wonderful little package of guitar, drums, and warbling teen angst. There are a number of Undertones songs that meet this criteria but this one is, well, perfect.

Please note that this dates from the era prior to Feargal Sharkey completely sucking.