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Geekback – Tweeting Too Hard

A couple of people pointed out that it is impossible to use Tweeting Too Hard to it’s fullest if you don’t actually go on Twitter yourself. This is true – but even if you hate Twitter, you can still make an account for purposes like this. Just don’t go around broadcasting what you picked out of your teeth after dinner, or whatever the hell people are tweeting about today.

Bonus link: If you find someone extra pretentious and want to follow them so you can get their most puerile stiff for general mocking, there is a faboo site called where you can follow people to your heart’s content – but without letting them (or anyone else) know.

Shhhh – it’s a secret!

Geekback – Making A Case For Slippery Jim

A quick addition to the “working the phones on the Jim-a-thon” item:

The PR team that spends all of their days “guiding” the Canadian press on how to report on St. Jim and his battle against the evil dragons of the NHL is apparently on the up-and-up. He has hired them directly and they are not a bunch of hapless mopes at RIM that he has suckered into doing his dirty work. So hooray for a small victory in the name of decency there.


Geekback – Game 3

The obvious corollary here, of course, is that the Orlando Magic – having spoiled the NBA’s dream match-up – haven’t got a fucking prayer. The league will make the pay for their effrontery.

Geekback – A Storm Of Criticism

It was pointed out to me that the gang up in Waterloo may have gone out of their way to invite the comparisons between the Storm and the iPhone – comparisons that inevitably end up with the Storm on the wrong end of the stick. Fair enough. If nothing else, the nudge-nudge “secret” code name of the thing as the “Apple Killer” was more than enough to point out what they hoped to be getting at. However – that is neither here nor there. People whose job is to know better should still compare oranges to oranges. Or Blackberries to Blackberries.

A couple of other people took umbrage to my categorization of the UI on the Storm was a “showstopper”. Not that they disagreed – they were in fact of like mind – but they were miffed that I would be willing to overlook a supposed showstopper if another unrelated showstopper was fixed. The sentiment boiled down to “either it is a showstopper or it isn’t, there is no ‘sorta’ here”.

Annoyingly, they are right. So I have modified my original wording thereof. Happy?

Oddly, people were more vocal about the fact that RIM didn’t take advantage of the “situation aware” capabilities of a virtual keyboard than were concerned about the UI. People are getting more sophisticated when it comes to mobile computing, I guess. This is a good thing.

More Muppets

So I am told by Reliable Sources that there is a new Muppet Christmas special tonight. Part of me wants to be all happy about that, but a larger part of me is less-than-enthused. Because the show will have the same Muppets, but – after the passing of Jim Henson – the Muppets aren’t the same. You might have to dwell on that for a while, but trust me, you will eventually get to the same point.

So yeah. Instead of doing a new Muppet special, why not get busy and free up the old Christmas Together special with John Denver and the Muppets of yore. I am of the understanding that the thing is tied up in the reams of litigation that still surround the Denver estate, but come on people – this is Christmas. Find a solution and get it done. Between that and the perfectly delightful Muppet Christmas Carol” you will have all the holiday Muppetry you need, without bastardizing the legacy in the pursuit of a few more bucks.

In the meantime, watch this. The sound quality sucks, and the video looks like it is ripped from a copy of a copy of a copy of a bad VHS, but it’s still … magic.

Geekback – Muppet Labs Redux

A couple of people pointed out that the “online Muppet building tool” is gone, having been replaced with a lame order form for a “kit” you use at home. Since the tool appears to be scheduled to come back in February, I will assume that this simply means they have as many orders as they can possibly process right now, and this is not a permanent change. Too bad, tho – they could have just left it up and running to play with, even if they weren’t accepting any more orders.


Geekback – Tuesday’s Laptop Event

There is no easy way to slide into this, so I will put it right out there: I was completely and utterly wrong about the rumour that Apple would be milling their Macbook cases out of a single chunk of aluminum. The fact that they are able to do it without adding waste is wonderful, and the end result is stunning, and I am mostly happy to be eating crow on this one.

As far as the other “stupid rumour”, I did indeed get that one right, but I can take no real credit there. You would have had to have been spectacularly stupid to put any credence into this sort of thing. What was interesting was that Apple made special note to point out “we make money by building quality products and not pushing low-end crap” which was – as far as I can tell – directly aimed at the simpletons and fenderheads who were pushing this stupid idea.

Geekback – Election Day

It has taken me a few days – okay, a couple of weeks – to get around to writing this because I honestly thought that Canadians were better than this. I know I shouldn’t be, but I am shocked and dismayed that my countryfolk don’t seem to care one whit about the health of a planet that we have to fucking well live on.

Look – this guy has summed up the U.S. election perfectly. It’s worth reading the whole article, but the money quote is here:

“… think of being on an airplane. The flight attendant comes down the aisle with her food cart and, eventually, parks it beside my seat. “Can I interest you in the chicken?” she asks. “Or would you prefer the platter of shit with bits of broken glass in it?”

Canadians had pretty much the same choice, except that ours was a selection between chicken, fish, a pork chop, a nice dinner salad … or the aforementioned platter of shit. And incredibly, Canadians – a minority thereof, mind you, but enough – chose the platter of shit. Complete with broken glass.

There was one party out of five (or out of four, if you don’t count the Bloc Quebecois) that had no plan, no credible ideas, no care for the disaster that is the environment. One party that didn’t understand that we need to do something now or we condemn the next generation to an unlivable ball of dirt. And to my everlasting shame, that is who we voted for. Stephen Harper and his Plate Of Steaming Shit Party.

I am still embarrassed.

Geekback – Tuesday’s Laptop Event

JohnJohn dropped me a line to point out that you can only superficailly spec a Dell machine to be the same as a machine from a quality brand. A lot of the places where Dell cuts the worst corners and uses the absolute lowest-quality shit – power supplies, planes, disk controllers – are places where you cannot upgrade, and have to take the low-end crap whether you want it or not, no matter how much you pump into the machine.

Point taken.

Geekback – Election Time Again

For those that asked, here are the questions that I will be sending to my local candidates once the rosters are locked in on Monday:

Reducing carbon emissions – and their attendant effect on the environment – is clearly the number one issue facing every single person on this planet. What concrete and workable ideas do you personally have to make a deep and permanent cut in carbon emissions and fossil fuel usage both in Canada and across the globe?

How can we permanently free the Afghani people from the threat and oppression of the Taliban and give them a workable and secure domestic government?

What is your position on net neutrality?

How do you propose that Canada maintains both political and environmental sovereignty in the Arctic?

Why are tax-paying and law-abiding homeowners forced to live in fear – and in some cases forced from their legally-deeded property – by people who seem to think they are above the law in Caledonia and Brantford?

I am especially interested in the answer to number 5 from my Conservative candidate – Stephen “Dead Eyes” Harper goes on and on about refusing to be soft on crime, but his party has been in power during this time and has done nothing to stop these violent thugs that blatantly operate outside the law. Should be interesting to watch the dance on this one.

Stay tuned.