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Christmas Radio Countdown – Christmas Eve Edition

So yeah, there was this ice storm and a fairly massive blackout and a few days sort of got missed. The best laid plans of mice and men, right?

Anyway. One more entry into the list to round out the countdown … and I definitely saved the best for last. “Snow FM Ireland” is the single best mix of Christmas music you are going to find online, period. Lots of classics – heavy on the Rosemary Clooney and Judy Galrand, which is awesome – a good dose of newish stuff, and at least fifty percent of it is stuff you just don’t hear anywhere else. If you need just one audio feed to leave on for all of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, this is the one.

There is no actual web page for these guys, but you can find a stream on your browser here. It’s probably a lot easier just to hit them up on TuneIn Radio by searching for “Snow FM Ireland”.

Ho ho ho.

Social Media Fail – 2013 Epic Edition

So the gang over at CBC news cobbled together a list of the worst (or best, depending on your point of view) social media marketing failures of the year. They kindly append each one with a “lesson to be learned” but really, all of them come down to the same thing: Don’t be a moron. Or, if you want to flesh it out, don’t let marketing idiots anywhere near your Twitter account … which pretty much equates to the same thing.

Western Media, Explained

If you ever needed a nutshell course in how media works and what their priorities really are … it’s your lucky day. How the various media arms react to the Asteroid Apocalypse Of 2014 is not only wickedly hilarious … it’s also deadly accurate.

Christmas Radio Countdown – Day 22

Straight outta Finland! Yo! It’s Radio Santa Claus, keepin’ it legit! We’re talkin’ Arctic Circle, yo!

Live from the Finnish frontier on the web and running mobile on TuneIn radio under “Radio Santa Claus”.


Christmas Radio Countdown – Day 21

“Bob” radio is one of the “stuff laying around on your iPod” FM programming formats that you can buy and just plug-in to any existing-but-needs-a-refresh station … one of the generic handful like “Edge” and “Jack” and “Kiss” that 90 percent of the North American FM spectrum seems to be using now. But, in a small saving grace, the Bob team has also slapped up a Christmas stream and it’s pretty good.

Take that, Jack.

Check it out on the web or hit up “Bob Christmas Radio” on TuneIn. It’s only here until the end of the month, so grab your piece now.

Christmas Radio Countdown – Day 18

Back to the 181 well once more … this time for some holiday hot licks and snowman slow jams (see what I did there?) from the “Christmas R#38;B” feed. This is the perfect way to reset before the weekend is upon us once again … and an optimal choice for any office gathering you might be having over the next week or so. Heavy on the classics – The Miracles, Jackson 5, Four Tops, Ella and Sammy – this one will please the whole gang. Hit the 181.FM web page on your computer or check out “Christmas R&B” on TuneIn.

Groovy, baby.

Door-To-Door Mail Delivery To End. About Fucking Time.

It’s about time. Fifteen years after it should have happened, Canada Post is dragging themselves out of the 19th century and putting an end to door-to-door mail delivery. Of course the assorted luddites, unions, and other know-nothing fenderheads are up in arms about it … which pretty much guarantees that this is a good idea.

Look – door to door mail service is about the worst business plan in the world. If I came to you and proposed a document delivery business where the service went to every potential customer location every single day, regardless of whether a particular customer actually had a delivery, and deliveries would cost the same no matter how far or short the actual delivery path was, and we would charge for this in a time when virtually everyone has instantaneous delivery of documents for free, and we would pay our employees some of the highest wages in the country to do this … you would laugh in my face.

No one needs a buggy whip any more. Nobody buys 8-track tapes. No one wants cell phones with keyboards. This is just another product that has become useless and unnecessary in the face of better options. But unlike buggy whips and Blackberries, this one costs taxpayers a whack of money. Time to pull the plug.

Hell, the only real difference is that the lazy-ass letter carrier will no longer tromp across my lawn instead of using the damn sidewalk.

Good riddance.

Christmas Radio Countdown – Day 17

“Christmas Kids Radio” is a bit of a misnomer. With a name like that you would think that it was all Muppets and Rugrats and The Wiggles and the like, but what you get instead is a lot of stuff from American Idol alumni and assorted boy bands. So it’s more “teen girl bland pop Christmas radio” but it’s not particularly horrible and you can probably put it on and not offend a single person, which is a handy thing to be able to do. It’s also got a few cuts from your Spongebobs and Grinches and the like, so I guess that is where the “kid” part comes from.

Hit the 181.FM web page to check it out, or look up “Christmas kids” on your TuneIn app.

If nothing else, you will be amazed at how many Christmas songs Kelly Clarkson has recorded.

Christmas Radio Countdown – Day 16

Hey! Christmas is the time for giving, right? So today spend your ho ho ho radio time with a station that is all about giving. Radio Christmas out of the U.K. is an annual effort to help kids in need around the globe. It started as a project to raise money to help street kids in Britain and now supports charities for young’uns around the globe. Homeless kids, hungry kids, kids who work in a dump for a dollar a day … there are a lot of kids who have generally sucky Christmases. Maybe it wouldn’t kill you to toss a couple of bucks their way.

Radio Christmas also has a very cool “Brit-centric” vibe that makes them stand out from the usual holiday fare. If you are a bona fide Scrooge you might get cheesed off by the reminders that it’s all about charity and desperate kids, but everyone else should enjoy the mix. On the web at or search for “radio christmas” on TuneIn.

Ho ho ho indeed.

Christmas Radio Countdown – Day 15

Boomer Radio sounds more or less like pretty much every other “Christmas mix” radio station – classics, some poppy stuff, and the requisite sprinkling of a few comedy songs. But it gets a Monday morning shout-out for one reason: It’s the only on-line station that ever seems to play Chrissy The Christmas Mouse, which is entirely awesome.

Note that there are a few scattered ads, but they are few and far between. Check it out on the web at Boomer Radio or search for “Boomer Christmas” in your handy TuneIn app.