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Heineken. The Sub. Wow.

Technology, design, and beer. The gang at Heineken have teamed up with Krups and Marc Newson to produce a proper beer cooling and delivery system for the home. The old adage about a picture being worth a thousand words definitely comes into play here, so I’ll just shut up now.


Those Wacky One Perenters

As mentioned before, the problem isn’t that some people are filthy rich. The problem is that most of those filthy rich people aren’t patriotic enough to pay their fair (and definitely not bank-breaking) share of taxes. But don’t listen to me. Listen to Ed Asner.

Cards, RIP

You may have noticed that the “Cards” app on your iOS devices stopped working this week. Apple has pulled the plug on the service, which is sad. There are a number of “create a card” apps and services for iOS, but only Cards had an honest-to-goshen letterpress product. It was fun and easy and I personally enjoyed using it.


Not impressed.

What Does The Fox Say?

This is quite possibly both the greatest and the most fucked-up music video of all time. It starts out like a sort of a musical version of the old See-And-Say kids’ toy, but then it goes, um, somewhere. There are no words that can describe this thing. Really. Just watch it.

The Fox - Music Video

What Does The Fox Say?

The best part is that whenever you think “Okay, this is as fucked as it can possibly get” … it gets worse.

Flightradar 24

This is the single coolest thing I have seen on the web in a very long time. Real time (mostly, see below) graphic flight data from damn near every airplane in the air right now, with no Flash or Java in sight. This is, quite frankly, brilliant. For extra time-suck fun, you can click on any individual flight to get a detailed information breakout.

The web version is free (with some unobtrusive ads) and there are paid versions for all of the surviving players in the mobile market – iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile – as well as a paid ad-free upgrade for the browser version and a native app for OS X.

Interesting aside: There are two kinds of flight representations – yellow icons which are being fed from actual real-time ABS broadcast data, and orange icons which are coming from the FAA databases in the U.S. and are on a five-minute delay. While flights in European and Asian airspace seem to uniformly offering real-time data, only a handful of flights in North American skies can say the same. Weird.

Waterloo: In The Red

Click on the image to be taken to the live map

It’s Friday, and time for a very cool thing … a living map of 300 million or so tweets from mobile phones broken down by platform. This is data at its best – all signal, zero noise. There are all sorts of interesting things to be gleaned here – geographic, demographic, financial, political, social, even legal. But the most intriguing thing of all is found in the area just west of the intersection of King and Columbia in Waterloo, Ontario. This is the world headquarters and beating heart of the much-maligned Blackberry (neé Research in Motion) empire, and you would expect it to be a veritable fortress of Blackberry use – a beacon of purple, a shining message of hope and renewed good fortune in a hostile sea of red and green. After all, if your own employees and most ardent supporters aren’t using your platform, what hope do you have?

It says much for the battered fortunes and ever-bleaker future of the one-time technology giant that north Waterloo is very, very red.

Newspapers: Still Clueless

Imagine this: It’s the late 1990s and DVD is hitting the market. The sole competition is the VCR, a format that is badly broken – shitty picture quality, shitty sound, no random access, media that permanently degrades with each and every use, lots of mechanical bits to go awry – and the DVD fixes every one of these issues. The completely unsurprising result is, of course, that consumers flock to DVD in droves and the incumbent technology dies an overdue and generally unlamented death.

Now, with your imagination hat still firmly planted on your head, pretend that you are one of the movers and shakers in a business that generated content that was being sold on videotapes. The landscape is changing with incredible and unprecedented speed, the market is growing exponentially and is packed full of people who are clambering for more and more content, and you are faced with A Choice:

You can embrace the new format and not only move your content to the new and far superior platform, but to also enhance the content, deliver new and previously-unthought-of features, expand your markets with completely new products, and in the process offer consumers all sorts of new ways to happily give you shitloads of money.

Or you can keep cranking out tapes … but now you release a special kind of videotape, one where the movie is actually hidden somewhere along the length of the tape instead of being conveniently at the start, and you tell consumers they have to watch a DVD first that tells them how to find the movie before they can watch it. Then – and this is the best part – you actually stand up and announce this as “proving newspapers work”.

“Look, Dave, it’s the latest copy of our Dead Tree Edition.”

So: Abandon your broken format and build on your existing content to capture a huge new market, or keep your head firmly in your ass and watch your business crumble around you, your reach and revenue eaten away by amateurs, startups, and rank beginners. Anyone with a brain would pick the first option. The out-of-touch fenderheads running the newspaper biz have partnered with Nissan – who, quite frankly, should know better – to go with the second.

Funny? Maybe. Sad? Possibly. Pathetic? Oh my, yes.

The Mooch

She was the best.

A Thing Of Beauty

It has been said people don’t judge art. They may posture and opine, but in the end the only real critic of art is time. And when time judges the visual legacy of the 21st century, this will undoubtedly be seen as one of the most beautiful and inspiring things of all.

As always, you can click on the picture to see it in all of its full-sized glory. And it is undeniably glorious. Go ahead, click.

Treat yourself.


Yep, its a potty trainer for the wee ones with a built-in iPad holder. With a splashguard, of course.

004 Ipotty

I have nothing else to say.